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Meet Sydney's Best DJ's


DJ Gabriel

Gabriel Oliveiro started out with O-vation in our Instrumental division as a cello soloist and ensemble member - but soon turned his attentions and passions towards the life of a DJ and MC. Gabriel is a reliable and hard-working professional, responsive to the most demanding of audiences and stoic in his mixing ability. DJ Gabriel is an improviser, a true performer, who whilst able to please equally on the microphone, cello or DJ decks; mostly lets his music, do the talking. Gabriel regularly presents at the Stamford Hotel venues, Eden Gardens, Holroyd Centre Venues, the Menzies Hotel and the Marriott Hotel venues.


DJ MC Jake Edge

Jake Edge is an experienced disc jockey and confident master of ceremonies. Through his long and outstanding performance at O-vation, we've found a stable and thoroughly reliable performer. A versatile and knowlegable DJ, Jake has an expertise in modern dance genres - though he has an unprofessed love for all retro-classics.

As an MC, Jake takes his experience from his years serving on Koori radio as a youth presenter and Aboriginal Ambassador. DJ Jake is a well rounded professional and welcome member of the O-vation team. Jake regularly presents at the Stamford Hotel venues, alia, Swiss Grand Bondi, Eden Gardens and various local pubs.


DJ Jerry

Jerry Jones is another new addition to the team at O-vation. A highly talented, pianist, guitarist, percussionist and Disc Jockey; Jerry is a young giant of enormous musical talent. DJ Jerry brings an enlightening musical sensibility to the many gigs he performs week-in, week-out. He is a specialist, confident in any musical genre, open minded and with a love of the party atmosphere rife when good music is mixed well. For a great night, call DJ Jerry Jones. Jerry regularly presents at the Stamford Hotel venues, Eden Gardens, Holroyd Centre Venues, Swiss-Grand Bondi and the Marriott Hotel venues.


DJ MC Michael

Michael Oliveiro has been active with O-vation since 2003 as a Disc Jockey and Master of Ceremonies. With a strong artistic background as a classical trumpeter, vocalist (tenor) and amateur actor, Michael is a strong addition to our team.

A leading professional in the Wedding industry, Michael is finely attuned to the techniques that make the dance-floor full and all the finer points of leading a reception from ‘top-to-tail’ on the microphone. A great improviser, Michael has hosted a multitude of corporate events including, fundraisers, trivia nights, promotions and other events.

Formal yet personable, Michael is one of our most experienced entertainers. Michael regularly presents at the Sydney Turf Club venues, Watershed, Havana Night club, Oatlands House, The Gunners Barracks Tearoom, Swiss Grand Bondi, Royal Automobile Club of Australia and the Stamford Plaza.


DJ Pete

Peter Oriehov is a another new addition to the team at O-vation. A mature and experienced individual, Peter is featured as one of O-vations prized bilingual MCs. In demand for his services as a Mandarin and Cantonese translator, Peter takes his linguistic skills to the dancefloor, able to instruct his party audience in three languages and with romping beats. Peter is an able and talented DJ with a penchant for the new and a love of the old. Peter regularly presents at the Stamford Hotel venues, Menzies, Grace Hotel and Marriott venues.


DJ Ryan

Ryan Fermor is a young DJ with a lot of talent and mixing prowess, a favourite amongst the hard-electro and dubstep scenes - though Ryan is equally home amongst the disco classics of the decades gone by. As a host, Ryan is formal and structured, a great time-keeper and a MC that runs the event to the nano-second! Ryan is very active with O-vation and is one of our best entertainers. Ryan regularly presents at the Stamford Hotel venues, Swiss-Grand Bondi, Rosehill Garden, Eden Gardens and the Menzies Hotel.

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